Safety Around Garage Doors

Automatic garage doors are a great convenience.  They do the heavy lifting and require minimal input from us.  It’s important to remember that automatic doors are powerful machines and can be dangerous.  Every year in the US several thousand injuries occur from garage doors alone and some which involve openers.

These doors may seem sturdy, and require minimal maintenance but they can still malfunction, and mistakes can still happen. Follow these tips to help keep you and your family safe around the garage:


Keeping your family safe

Read the manual

At least once read the manual for the opener which will explain essential information such as how to use the emergency release. Garage doors are extremely heavy and electric doors that malfunction can be very dangerous. Although most garage doors are relatively low maintenance, they don’t last forever. Springs and other components are only designed to last for a limited number of cycles. Knowing the specific care your door needs is the first step to ensuring it’s safe use.

Open and close fully

If you leave the door partially open and then activate the opener it will try to close.  You should always enter and exit the garage with it fully open otherwise there may be insufficient time.  It’s not safe to assume the automatic reversal system will kick in either.  It should be there only as a last resort.


Inspect the door from time to time

All garage doors have multiple moving parts that don’t last forever.  For one reason or another wear and tear occurs.  You want to know when this happens so you can be ahead of any potential problems.

Keep well away from moving doors

No matter how safe you think your door is, accidents happen. Keep well away from your garage door when it is opening and closing and teach your children to do the same. According to NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System) from a sample of hospitals across the US, over 7,500 injuries occurred from fingers getting caught between garage door sections in one year.

Keep to a regular maintenance schedule

Be sure that your garage door is in a safe, working condition and that problems are spotted before they become a hazard. Speak to your local garage door specialists about a yearly maintenance schedule which will help to keep everything running smoothly.

Keep Access Away from Children

Your opener remote and wall control panel should be kept out of reach from children at all times. If you have a wall control ensure that it is at least 5 feet off the ground so that young children cannot reach it.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your garage door or feel like it might be in need of repair do not hesitate to get in contact with the top rated techs at East Coast Overhead Door: (203) 800-5606