Manual vs. Automatic: Should You Upgrade Your Garage Door? 

Automatic garage doors are no longer a luxury that only the elite can afford. Today, automatic doors have become very popular and affordable. If you have a manual garage door and have been wondering whether it is worthwhile to upgrade to an automatic one, the answer is YES.   

It is one of those home upgrades that are simple, affordable, and increase your home’s value. Moreover, it greatly enhances the efficiency and functionality of your house. It also improves safety and security. Here are some of the top benefits of upgrading from a manual garage door to an automatic one.   


One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to an automatic garage door is convenience. You don’t need to get out of the car and then manually open or shut the garage door. If required, you have the option to switch to the manual mode as well.   

Safety and security  

In terms of safety, automatic doors are much better compared to their manual counterparts. There are no safety sensors or lasers on manual garage doors that can stop the door in its tracks, so they are more likely to close on a child, pet, or even an unassuming adult. Upgrading to an automatic garage door can prevent many accidents. Manual doors are also less secure compared to automatic garage doors. Most automatic garage doors come with various security features such as entry code pads that can be programmed and reprogrammed as needed, lock features, vacation mode, and more. These features help you control who can operate your garage door and will keep your home safe from intruders.   

Increase your home’s resale value  

Replacing an outdated garage door with a modern, high-efficiency automatic garage door can instantly boost your home’s resale value. It boosts the curb appeal of your home, which creates a great first impression on the buyers and make your property more desirable. Also, garage doors are a long-term investment and don’t lose their value over the years as many other home improvements do.

In a survey, it was shown that over 70% of homeowners who replaced their garage doors thought it helped resale and increase the sale price. Also, compare to other home improvement projects, a garage door upgrade is much easier to undertake. It doesn’t take more than a couple of days to finish the whole project.   Properties with automatic garage doors sell faster compared to the ones that don’t have them. An automatic door gives you the advantage of setting a reasonable demand and putting it on the market. 

Increased energy efficiency  

The best way to reduce the energy costs is to improve your home’s insulation. Garage doors are one of the main culprits when it comes to heat gain and loss in a home. If you have an outdated garage door, it is likely that it isn’t properly sealed and insulated. With a new energy-efficient, automatic garage door, you can save on energy bills. Energy efficient garage doors can help with climate control depending on the type of insulation used. They also prevent air leaks and keep your heating and cooling costs low.   

Low repair and maintenance costs  

Garage doors are mechanical products so with time and with constant use, they wear out and start showing signs of distress. They may begin malfunctioning and may not run as smoothly as they should. They may require frequent repair and maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Upgrading to a new automatic door can reduce repair and maintenance costs considerably.  

If you have been thinking of making this upgrade but haven’t been able to decide, get in touch with our team now. We will guide you through the whole process.