Garage Door Glossary

Garage doors are far more complex than your normal household door.  Here we make sense of some of the industry terminology you might hear, and what they mean:


Astrangal – This is a weather seal which covers the bottom of the garage door, guarding against drafts, rain and bugs.

Cable Drums  – Designed to collect and dispense the cables neatly and without tangling.  They are positioned on the torsion springs.

Cable Safety Device – A safety measure which prevents the garage door from falling if the cable breaks.

Curtain – The face of the door.

Cycle – A term used to describe the lifespan of torsion spring doors, for example 100,000 cycles.  One cycle means: fully closed > open > fully closed again.

Galvanizing – A method used for coating steel garage doors to prevent rusting.

Gauge – A measure of how thick or thin a steel door is.  A higher gauge means thinner steel.

Guide Rail – This rail runs either side of roller door frames to help the door stay straight for a secure close.

Jamb – The vertical framing of the door opening.

Jamb Seal – The weather seal that runs alongside the jamb.

Top Header Seal – The weather seal that runs along the top side of the garage door.

Torsion Springs – Help to raise and lower the garage door

Torsion Springs (Counterbalance assembly) – Ensures that the door weight is evenly distributed when opening and closing.

Track – The path which guides the door when opening and closing.

Radius – The curved part of the track where vertical turns to horizontal along the ceiling.

Rollers – The wheels which travel along the tracks when the door opens and closes.

Windload – The force of the wind as it hits the garage door in a closed position.


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