Choosing the Right Color for your Garage Door

Not sure what color to choose for your new garage door?  It can be a little overwhelming with so many options available, how should you know where to begin?

Considering the rest of the house

How to incorporate your new garage door with the rest of the house depends a lot on what you’re looking to achieve.  Do you want a garage door that stands out or looks a little more understated?

You don’t always want to match your garage door exactly to your house. Avoid matching with the fascias, gutters, drain pipes and wooden eaves as this can lead to a confused and disjointed look for your garage.

It can be a good idea to stick within a few shades similar to your house that way the garage takes on it’s own life without looking out of place.

Bold colors can provide a great look, but it all depends on whether that suits you.  If you don’t want to make too much of a statement then you can’t really go wrong with white; a classic and timeless look, great for any home.

Considering the material

To some extent the color of your garage door is determined by what it’s made of.  Manufacturers produce different materials in different ranges of colors.  Steel doors can be painted but are usually best left with their standard finish which is better lasting.

Wood garage doors can be painted in almost any color and provide an excellent look.  If you want flexibility then wood may be best for you.

Considering the surroundings

Sometimes garage doors take cues from their surroundings to help pull off a fitting style.  If you live in the countryside for instance you could choose a rustic wood grain effect; this also works well if you simply have a particularly green front yard.

Choosing a popular color

Why not take inspiration from what’s already tried and tested?  Some of the most popular garage door colors are whites, blacks, greys, blues, greens and reds.  If you stick within these ranges you can’t go too far wrong.


Testing the color

A good way to determine the right color is to test it out.  Get a reasonable sized piece of wood and paint it the chosen color.  Lay the wood in-front of the garage door and view it at different times of the day to see what the color looks like in morning, day and night.


Go and get inspiration

Why not visit a local garage door supplier to see some samples and get advice from them?  Or you could head around your neighborhood to see what the neighbors are doing.